I can fix it!
I'm Fix-It Felix Jr...you know, from the game Fix-It Felix Jr.?

You've caught me on an off day! If you'd like to strike up jibber-jabber, I'm available! Of course, I might be shimmying around with my gal Tammy...

Have you talked to Ralph yet, by the way? Don't worry - he's not as mean as he looks! Villain's only his job, after all.

M!A Status: None!

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Re: Been a while, eh, paisanos? 


Ohhhhhh, mama mia, Felix, I’m-a so sorry about that! I had to cancel last minute ‘cause Weegee got ill; I tried callin’ you up, but you-a didn’t answer! Then I heard you almost got unplugged because of Ralph… but if you say everything-a worked out, then I’m glad!

And yes, please, that would be really appreciated. It’s not-a just tumblr, I had a lotta recipes and how-to logs on there!

I know you get busy, so whenever you’re-a willing to swing on by is fine by me!

Oh, dear… Luigi got sick? I hope he’s feeling better now! It’s all right, though, Mario, no problem; the party got cancelled, anyway. Ralph had a bit of an upset with Gene…

Any time after the arcade closes is fine by me! How about I check on in tomorrow?

Anonymous asked:
So... you can fix everything?

Well, not everything. But most tangible things, yes!

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All aboard Chuffy, a brief hello to the ol’ coal before boarding. It was about time to visit the heart of interverse interaction: the train station where several arcade characters, as well as a few console characters, gathered to meet. The bright lights of the station nearly blinded him after traveling for a while under a dark tunnel, but King Jingaling felt chippy to finally get to his destination. He stretched his arms and yawned before fixing his cape and crown. Look at this place. It’s like a city! L.O.G. made a grand choice allowing even the totally washed up people like him to mingle here.

He was informed that this place was especially busy when the arcade was closed and everyone took a break from their jobs, which was completely understandable. Where should he go first?

Well, there was a spot unfamiliar to him: Fix-It Felix Jr. It must be popular with everyone else here. The train there was much smaller than Chuffy’s freights. Jingaling didn’t squirm in absolute discomfort, but the leg room! Yikes. Finally he arrived at a quaint little stop and hopped out of the car of the train. It certainly had civilization, like a huge apartment complex that was apparently named ‘Niceland’. The Jinjo king blinked a few times and brushed off his robe even more to make a presentation.

‘Hello?’ He called to one of the lit windows - it was ruder to just go up and knock on a stranger’s door. ‘Ey, sup! Anyone there? Big guy of the Jinjos speaking!’

Ordinarily Felix was out on a stroll in Niceland Forest around this time; after all, he’d taken to exploring the outside environment ever since growing acquainted with it in order to gain greater perspective on what Ralph commonly saw. Jingaling was lucky, then, that he’d managed to catch him hanging around inside the penthouse this time. It hadn’t been long since the arcade had closed and everything was being wrapped up, so thankfully he had all the time allotted to dedicate to the guest of his game — and what a guest indeed, considering he was taller than Felix himself!

At the shout, the handyman held out a hand to the chattering Nicelanders and wandered down until he reached the door, which he opened and greeted the outside with a sheepish smile stretching on his face. Never before had he seen a character quite like Jingaling, although he was familiar to the concept of foreign species from other games (Q*Bert being a prime example). His hands clasped in front of him as he leaned back a bit to get a grander scope of the king’s face, trying to radiate the warmth that he was commonly known for littered throughout his programming. It didn’t take much deductive reasoning for Felix to realize that Jingaling was king, and that humbled him enough to take his hat off of his head and clasp it in front of him.

"Howdy, Your Highness!" He bowed his head. "What brings you here, if you don’t mind my asking? Just a visit, or…?"

theshygreenplumber asked:
Hello Felix?

Good day, ah…I’m sorry, your name slips my mind!

… Oh, wait, yes. It’s Luigi, isn’t it? You’re Mario’s younger brother?

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Re: Been a while, eh, paisanos? 



WAHAY! Felix!! Wow, it’s-a been forever!

How’ve you been, Mr. Fix-it?? :3D

Indeed it has, my red-clad mustachioed friend! You know, you never ended up showing to my thirtieth anniversary…eh? Eh?

But that’s old news! I’ve been just dandy for the most part — a few bumps here and there, but nothing incredibly worrying since Ralph’s come back home.

I’m glad to speak to you again, though! And you know, the offer still stands.

Been a while, eh, paisanos? 


Let-a me first apologize for abandoning you guys for such a long time. Things have gotten pretty busy lately, and to top it all off, some-a time ago, a rogue Paragoomba got in through the window.

And, well… unfortunately, as you can see, the computer got the brunt of the damage.

We cleaned up the mess as best we could, but-a we’ve had no time to call someone over to fix it. I mean, we’re plumbers, not technicians. And this is the first-a chance I’ve gotten to use Luigi’s laptop; he’s been using it for his work with E. Gadd, and it’d be silly for me to hog it for something juuuuust a little less important than ghost hunting.

Anyway, until I get the desktop fixed, my time on-a tumblr is limited… but I thought I may as well give you an update while I had the chance!

Ah, I see you’ve got a little problem there, Mario, sir!

Would you like some help with that? I can fix it! That way you don’t have to be using your brother’s stuff!

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Let’s play the “let’s see if I can find your post within my tabs!” game!


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outofthegame; Someone agrees with me that Felix’s the best. ;w;

Hi, you’re the quality Felix RPer I was talking about.


I’m away from Felix for one day and I’m witness to fighting.

Babies, please. We all know Felix is the best fandom.

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((Yeah dude, it’s in my drafts. It was the next one I planned to do but I’m feeling a bit groggy so you might have to wait till tomorrow for it :P Also I checked my asks and their on. Just the link’s dodgy… :/ ))

(( Okay, that’s fine! I just wanted to make sure you knew.

Ahhhh that’s why; I just clicked on the link instead of checking the URL itself. hsdgohsdgsd Next time I’ll send an ask. Good to know though! ))

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